Get Kiwrious!

Code with Scratch.


Are you looking for something new to do over lockdown?

You may have heard about Scratch at school, or maybe you (or your child) are keen to learn more about coding and science?

We have created the Kiwrious Scratch Lockdown Challenge to make your Scratch project even more creative! So its your chance to create a story, animation or game that reacts to heat or light.

Read on for the rules and instructions on how to participate in our challenge and submit prior to 22 October 2021 and be in to Win!

The Challenge

Think of a problem you or your family encountered during the lockdown and build a Scratch project using to solve it. For example, this could be:

  • A fun game to keep family members entertained

  • A story about making the most comforting hot chocolate

Your project needs to use a light sensor or temperature sensor.

How to Participate

1: Set things up

Make sure your computer is running the latest version of Google Chrome.

You will need a micro:bit: or a Kiwrious Humidity or UV sensor for the challenge.

If you are using a micro:bit:, follow these instructions to set it up as a sensor.

2: Get Scratching!

Conceptualise your idea and create your project on our custom Scratch platform Kiwrious Play -

Check out our video on how to connect the sensors with Kiwrious Play and react to changes in the environment.

There are some helpful resources and example projects here.

3: Submit and Win!

Click on the "Submit to Challenge" button on to make a submission.

Submit your project by 22 October.

Winners will get

  • 1 Kiwrious kit (worth over $100 NZD)

  • $30 NZD Steam credits

  • Kiwrious Challenge Winner Digital Badge

You can find out more about the judging criteria here.

Terms and Conditions

Challenge Details

Using a micro:bit: as a sensor

How to transform your micro:bit into a light or a temperature sensor:

  • Step 1: Download the temperature micro:bit HEX file here OR the light micro:bit HEX file here.

  • Step 2: Plug in your micro:bit to your computer using the USB cable

  • Step 3: Copy the HEX file onto your micro:bit

Example projects

Download our example Scratch projects and try them out by opening them in Kiwrious Play to get your creative juices going:

Check out how to load projects onto Kiwrious Play here.

Prizes and judging criteria

4 Prizes of Judges Choice will be chosen by the Kiwrious team based on Originality of Concept and Level of Execution:

  • Under 10 Years

  • Between 10-12 Years

  • Between 13-15 Years

  • Open Category

1 People’s Vote based on popularity.

Winners for each category will get:

  • 1 Kiwrious kit (worth over $100 NZD)

  • $30 NZD Steam credits

  • Kiwrious Challenge Winner Digital Badge